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Cool People

This is the list of the things I want Peter Purves to sign for me at Gally:

  • The Time Meddler picture I had Maureen O’Brien sign this year
  • A colour Celestial Toymaker pic because unfff
  • Lost in Time for obvious reasons
  • The Gunfighters because it’s The Motherfucking Gunfighters
  • All of his audios but especially The Anachronauts for really obvious reasons
  • That super awkward Blue Peter book about the time he and John had a baby together (which I will bring either way because holy fuck what even)
  • The Fug Shirt Pic

It is going to be a bitch to narrow that down.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Glad to know you are alright - you'll be much missed if you don't come back.
desirousofchange desirousofchange Said:

I’ve been around on another secret-but-not-really blog, and I’m far, far happier there than I had been in a long time here.  I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to transition back here, and I don’t yet know if I’ll want to.  Not in the mood to go too much into it and burn all my remaining bridges here, but I’ll probably only be in to post occasionally to keep it from getting deleted. 

Yes, I’m alive.

No, I’m not sure if I’m ever coming back to this blog.

There’s your update if anyone actually cares.

Later, gators.

Ugh, bb, let me hug you, you poor, hypnotized darling.

Ugh, bb, let me hug you, you poor, hypnotized darling.

Man, the characters for ‘serialization’ are hard! How about ‘congratulations, probably’?

Miyoshi Kaya

Stop being wonderful.  >:(

If these manga series were real I would read all of them.


There is so, so much doujinshi, fanart, smutfic, etc. about Itoshiki-sensei and Kudou, and Itoshiki-sensei and his brothers.

Meanwhile, my headcanon and I are over here with hetero-demiromantic asexual Itoshiki-sensei being forever alone.


ANIME CRUSHES (in no particular order) Itoshiki Nozomu

Ugh, why so gorgeous, Sensei?

It’s too bad it’s just an April Fool’s thing because I would really love it if AdBlock always showed me cats instead of ads.