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Really, though, best scene.  A+ acting.

All the stories had their own individual virtues and drawbacks so I don’t really have a favourite. I didn’t care for my last story, ‘The Android Invasion’, one little bit. There was no real reason for Harry to be in it at all – I couldn’t see the point of it. My last scene was particularly frustrating as Harry just sort of fizzled out sitting tied up on the floor in the corner of a room. I don’t mean that as any disrespect to Patrick Newell, who made me laugh a lot and was wonderful to be with, or to Martin Friend who is an old mate anyway. They both did their best to cheer me up. My own unfulfilled wish was that Harry could have been blown up while trying to save Sarah Jane, or something on those lines – a genuinely heroic exit instead of what I actually got.

Ian Marter 

He wanted Harry to die saving Sarah. I think someone is a shipper. 

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Just bringing this back.

Romanadvoratrelundar - HB pencil on watercolour paper

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Unused costume design for Romana by June Hudson

If you’ve never seen June Hudson’s website, I definitely recommend checking it out.


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Considering I’ve still not seen this story the amount of evil!Harry that’s been on my blog is kind of obscene.  But I’m still going to reblog.

So, funny story.  I was just thinking that after I watched this DVD I’d get back into watching more Who by watching serials that included actors and actresses from Upstairs, Downstairs.

And it turns out I’m already (unintentionally) doing that, because that’s Miss Roberts!