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Here, Kate. Here’s some moar JM to sooth your Roes Woes.

(I might need to stock up on Kleenex too before episode 3 though.)

Aaaaahhhh this scene is flawless, she is flawless.  Whether she’s making me cheer or making me cry.  <3  So much love.  *incoherent fangirling*


Kate, I capped this for you from the teaser for next week’s episode. I turned off the caption because what Roes said gave me sads and it would have been a possible spoiler, but I was still all look! I must post this for Kate! :P

/enabling creeping dot tumblr dot com

MY LOOOOOOOOOVE!!!  *clings*

But I don’t want to have a sad!  D:  Especially if it’s a sad that makes Rose sad.  Although this show is all about the sad.  ROSE, DON’T MAKE ME SAD.

Mah Roes <3


How did I not know that Jean Marsh and Jon Pertwee were married for 5 years back in the fifties, before either of them was on Doctor Who?

He was 14 years older than me, and I was still growing up, so I changed. Our marriage really only lasted 18 months or so, and we were divorced after five years, so it was a small part of my life. He was a lot of fun, though, because he was a very amusing man.” - from here

I’d never seen this picture of them before!  They always look so cute together, though.  I’m so relieved she’s feeling better, too.  She’s such an amazing, talented, beautiful woman, and it would have been such a shame if she’d had to leave the show.


Jean Marsh - Lady Joanna (The Crusade) / Sara Kingdom (The Daleks’ Master Plan) / Morgaine (Battlefield)


*fangirls all over the place*


image: black-and-white promo photo of Jean Marsh as Morgaine from the Doctor Who serial ''Battlefield''. The image is slightly from below, turning upward, and her long claw-like nails are being brandished.

#just to brighten up kate’s day


You are too, too kind. ♥ ♥ ♥ 



Casually posting this because it is the greatest.

Yes! You know Lady Joanna is Sarah Kingdom? Also, the acting in this story is simply sublime!

Oooh yes, do I know it!  Morgaine, too.  Honestly, looking at her characters in the show I imagine that something along these lines occurred:

Casting Person: Hey, do you want to play this character on Doctor Who?
Jean Marsh: I don’t know.  Does she get weird, incestuous subtext?
CP: Kind of?  I guess?
JM: Hmmm…  Well, is she a total badass?
CP: Yes.
JM: I’ll do it.

Because really. 

(via dimensionsintime)

I love the behind the scenes stories and interviews so much.  I mean, how else would I get to find out about how ridiculously bad Jean Marsh’s eyesight was and the time she angrily demanded to have one of the nice dressing rooms with free Kleenex for a change?  These are important things.

Friendly reminder that OMG FAVOURITE PERSON EVER.  <3 <3 <3


*hugs her*

*never lets go*