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I swear that every cap of Steven is him looking like he is about to kiss someone.

Because he is.  :P
#I ship Steven with everyone


I swear that every cap of Steven is him looking like he is about to kiss someone.

Because he is.  :P

#I ship Steven with everyone


A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Steven Taylor and Vicki

It’s always tough to be the first replacement in a winning team. The staggering success of Doctor Who’s first series, way back in 1964, created a certain mythology around the key four characters, the Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara. And when you consider this was a time before the idea of interchangeable companions (and interchangeable Doctors) the arrival of a new face among the team was a big deal.

In fact, when Carole Ann Ford elected to leave the TARDIS in 1964, the production team of the time sought to find a replacement for the young, headstrong Susan, to keep the chemistry going. Enter Vicki (a girl whose surname was never made clear), a teenage orphan from the 25th Century, who ably filled the gap left in the Doctor’s life by the departure of his granddaughter.

Of course, Susan was more used to the ways of the traveling Timelord than Vicki – played by Maureen O’Brian – and so for the first few adventures, she took a passive role, hiding behind Ian and Barbara and generally bringing the screams. But the Doctor soon took her under his wing

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His chiselled jawline and action man antics place him closer to Captain Jack in attitude, albeit a Captain Jack with a firmer grasp of right and wrong, and less of an overactive libido.”


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Spoilers!! Spoilers!! Spoilers!! Spoilers!!

These two scenes are my favourite from “The Cold Equations” I actually cried when I first heard it because it was so wonderful to hear Steven and the Doctor be so accepting and saying it doesn’t matter in the future.

All of this.  I love this audio SFM.

And I kind of want Steven/Oliver fic.

Or just any Oliver fic.  Because he is wonderful.  If Big Finish kills him off I will rage all over the fucking place, but sadly I think that’s what will happen.

  • Vicki: Yes, yes, we're past all that. The alien was just threatening to kill you, and you were yelling like a girl.
  • Steven: I was in a lot of pain! And that strikes me as being rather a sexist comment, and considering the circumstances--
  • Vicki: True. I apologize. (sigh) So, as a sign of my contrition, I shall wait my turn and let you carry on, for now.
  • Steven: Thank you.
  • Vicki: Right. You were in the middle of screaming. *Like a girl.*
  • Vicki: The amazing time and space machine known as the TARDIS landed at last. The handsome space pilot, Steven Taylor--
  • Steven: (intrigued) Handsome?
  • Vicki: It is a *story*.
  • Steven: (disappointed) Oh.
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So I’m reading someone’s review of Galaxy Four.

And, uh, I somehow forgot about this part.



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Because, uh, it’s at least dangerously close.


Okay then.

Steven, it is not the time to be ogling Vicki, dammit.