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Mostly Doctor Who. Mostly Classic. William Hartnell is my Doctor and One/Steven/Dodo is my Team TARDIS. If you're here looking for Tenth Doctor stuff you're in the wrong place.

Also, a lot of Jean Marsh. A lot of Jean Marsh.

Other things you may see include baseball, anime, manga, Upstairs Downstairs, Law and Order: SVU, My Little Pony, Seinfeld, Father Ted, Sealab 2021, yarn porn, and whatever miscellaneous other stuff catches my eye.

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Someone in the Upstairs Downstairs tag says that Beryl and Harry had the most depressing wedding ever.




I’m just going to sit here and cry because Policeman!Steven is burninated and never to be retrieved ;A;

I will cry with you because it makes me so sad, too.  ;__;

Day 22: What is your favorite Who-related video on YouTube?

Kind of silly, but there it is.  Always makes me feel better.  Not sorry at all.

Waiting for Battlefield to download so I can finish watching it, finally.

And so I can see if she got wonderfully incestuous subtext with every character she played on Doctor Who.